Over many years of teaching and guiding others, I have helped to inspire people from all over the world. Through my personal retreat programs, spiritual counselling and passion mapping, my clients have been able to transform their lives, moving forward with joy and fulfilment.

Nok is otherworldly. Not only is she caring, perceptive and professional in her teaching approach. She has a finely crafted and unique ability to tune into people needs, and she uses this intuition to gently guide and advise.

In 2012 I worked with Nok on Passion Mapping over a 3 day intensive course and since that time I have achieved everything I mapped out. Passion mapping was not an easy process, but it helped me to become “unstuck”. To get out of my own way, de-clutter my mind and perception of myself so that I can live my passion without fear.

I am proud to say that since the Passion Mapping course, and the spiritual work I have done with Nok throughout the years, I am implementing my passions everyday, living in the moment and accepting of my personal gifts and talents.
— Leah Kertesz, International Marketing & PR Consultant, New York
I can strongly recommend the services of Khun Nok. End of 2013, I took a Passion Mapping Program with her and she facilitated the private sessions in a very professional and inspirational manner.

The overall course did not only match my expectation, but exceeded them. With the help of Khun Nok I could fine-tune my passions and fundamental values as my guidance pillars for my future professional and private life.
— Gregor Schmalz, Experienced Senior Manager & Executive
I have met Khun Nok via a friend’s recommendation, in search of someone who can help and guide me to live life to the fullest and importantly to aid in clearing the build-up of negativities.

As expected from an expert, she has helped me in identifying the roadblocks and how to be a better person in her unorthodox practice. Strongly recommended, but not for a faint heart who does not want to listen to different point of views.
— Rudy, Chief Financial Officer, Bangkok
Nok helped me get clear on how to move forward and prioritise the important things in my life. She has very creative ideas and helped me tune in and understand myself and my passions unlike anyone else I have met.

Due to her, I now have a blueprint for my life and a clarity that makes me make better decisions which has led to my increased happiness and fulfilment.

Nok is a true gift and my life is much better for knowing her.
— Jay Lale, Senior Consultant - Japan & APAC Consulting at ICPA
Nok is an incredibly kind, caring and astute facilitator who has an amazing aptitude for helping those in need to rediscover their inner aspirations, inspirations and passions. She knows instinctively how to help you back on the great path you know deep down you were destined for, and not to fear taking the first steps to follow your dreams.

I was lucky enough to have Nok facilitating my self-discovery last April when I was in a mental /emotional fix about my career path and how to balance it with my personal life.

Thank you Nok for helping me without pushing or judging and for being such a gentle, reassuring light in the dark.
— Melanie Giles-Clapp RCYP instructor, Reiki Master & school teacher-to-be! www.lotus-rei.com
Some time ago whilst visiting Thailand I had a one week course with Nok. It was a great experience and an eye opener. It wasn’t easy and the hard questions were asked for me to address and put a plan together to further develop myself as a person.

A great experience the learnings of which I still carry. I’d recommend Nok without hesitation for business or private situations, for personal and life development.
— Peter Broadbeck, Chief Operating & Financial Officer Vesture Limited, Australia
"At a time of confusion about life and work I joined the Passion Map Program, which helped me to reconnect with myself in a profound way with lasting benefits.
The Passion Map I created resembles my vision, mission and values in truth and congruence, providing me with inner stability and balance"
 An entrepreneur, Bangkok