A personal retreat in the hills of Northern Thailand means stepping aside from the turmoil of daily life to immerse yourself in solitude close to nature. Relieving your mind from all concerns, it’s a chance to stop and listen to the silent guidance of your heart.

Whether answering life's questions, discovering your passions , or advancing your spiritual growth - my personal retreat guidance gives a deeper approach, going beyond the instruments of spiritual practice to awaken your true identity.

The Personal Retreat program is tailored for specific individual needs, and can be scheduled over 5-7 days combining daily facilitation of Passion Mapping and/or Spiritual Mentoring sessions to clarify your life direction. 

Accommodation close to nature can be arranged according to your preference and budget.


Passion Mapping

Passion Mapping reveals a new perspective on your life choices, allowing you to move forward with a deeper sense of purpose and clarity.

An unfolding journey of self-discovery, Passion Mapping connects you to your true passions within. As we clarify your life direction, we form a bridge – dispersing the clouds of mind to involve the whole body and spirit in answering your deepest questions.

The Passion Mapping process (3 sessions of 2 hours each) enables you to listen deeply to your inner dialogue, move into a clear and intuitive space, and identify your truest aspirations in life. With the realization of what’s most important to you, the path is cleared for authentic living from the heart.


What people say about Passion Mapping :

“Enlightening and something concrete you can refer back on to keep momentum”
“An incredible process of going deeper from head to heart, from heart to body - from idea to reality, from concept to form! This was enabled by an expert system of coaching, and the beautifully empathic guidance of Nok”
“Enlightening, opening process of self-discovery”
“Creative, fun, insightful and therapeutic”
“A helpful process of being guided to live more truly aligned with my soul.”


Passion Mapping is available in person or via Skype.


Spiritual Mentoring

Spiritual Mentoring gives you access to advice, insight and a deeper kind of awareness, helping you connect to your unfolding path and flow through challenges along the way.

There comes a time in life when you’re called to seek guidance in recognizing and living your truth - an invitation to peace and contentment. Going beyond the practice of yoga, Vipassana and other disciplines, it’s a time to let go of each and every concept and practice, embarking on the journey to your true identity as witness.

Spiritual Mentoring enables you to advance your growth, strengthening your connection to the bigger picture and eternal oneness of the world. At each step of your growth, I support you to achieve clarity and a broader spiritual perspective on your day to day situations, as well as the more significant questions of life. 


“Nok has been a mentor to me for over seven years, and I have benefitted greatly from her empathic guidance. At the core of her excellent facilitation are two vital things. Firstly, her intuitive style of guidance – something that allows you to make the breakthroughs by yourself and with real meaning, in a way that would never be possible alone. Secondly, her wisdom – something very stable and present, and rooted in the ethics of non-attachment. 
This means that working with Nok is always a way of travelling through layers – orientated by a truth that is beyond spiritual. She has been a consoling, supportive and inspiring influence on my life, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.”

Emily Yates, yoga therapist, UK


Spiritual Mentoring is available in person or via Skype.