In times of transition, a personal retreat gives you the opportunity to reflect; inviting your path to emerge with clarity, depth and inner truth.

A personal retreat in the hills of Northern Thailand means stepping aside from the distraction of daily life to immerse yourself in solitude close to nature. Relieving your mind from all concerns, it’s a chance to stop and listen to the silent guidance of your heart.

Whether answering life's questions, discovering your passions , or advancing your spiritual growth - my personal retreat guidance gives a deeper approach, going beyond the instruments of spiritual practice to awaken your true identity.

The Personal Retreat program is tailored for specific individual needs, and can be scheduled over 5-7 days combining daily facilitation of Passion Mapping and Spiritual Mentoring sessions to clarify your life direction. 

Personal Retreats take place in Mae Rim,  just 25km north of Chiang Mai. An idyllic area surrounded with rolling hills and paddy fields, it's a place of sanctuary, rest and rejuvenation.  Accommodation close to nature can be arranged according to your preference and budget.