An unfolding journey of self-discovery, Passion Mapping connects you to your true passions within. As we clarify your life direction, we form a bridge – dispersing the clouds of mind to involve the whole body and spirit in answering your deepest questions.

The Passion Mapping process (3 sessions of 2 hours each) enables you to listen deeply to your inner dialogue, move into a clear and intuitive space, and identify your truest aspirations in life. With the realization of what’s most important to you, the path is cleared for authentic living from the heart.

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What people say about Passion Mapping :

“Enlightening and something concrete you can refer back on to keep momentum.”
“An incredible process of going deeper from head to heart, from heart to body - from idea to reality, from concept to form! This was enabled by an expert system of coaching, and the beautifully empathic guidance of Nok.”
“Enlightening, opening process of self-discovery.”
“Creative, fun, insightful and therapeutic.”
“A helpful process of being guided to live more truly aligned with my soul.”

Passion Mapping is available in person or via Skype. Please feel free to contact me.