In Joy

Joy is a state of being in deep contentment and fully alive in the here and now. There is no need or desire to change anything or anyone than being present to what life brings in this moment. 

Joy is one of the highest vibration. In joy, you express and share from your heart; leading to love and compassion.

When feeling stressed or out of balance, acknowledge the feeling and let it pass. Then ask yourself: what can I be grateful for, and what can I do to be joyful in this moment? 

First reach for joy, and all else follows. 

Inner Truth

When your mind is calm and clear in stillness, wisdom and inner truth arises. 

Wisdom derives from being able to look honestly in your heart without emotion. As then truth arises where you see things as they are. There is no sense of ego attachment to fear, anger, pain or grasping so you can look at things clearly. 

It requires a full presence of moment to moment awareness by consistently looking inward and contemplation. 

You will know where you are; from how you interact with others and respond to situations in your daily life. This will give you a clue to your inner truth.

New Beginning

We are always in transition as nothing remains the same in this transient world of impermanence. 

Keep on learning and growing with what life brings as everything happens for our evolution. Embrace the lessons well so we don’t have to repeat them again. 

Closing a chapter, ending of a transition into a new beginning; walk on a path ahead with faith and surrender with an open heart into the unknown. 

Each day is like turning a new page in the book of life. As one door closes, another opens for us to step into a new chapter.....

Worldly and Spiritually Enlightened

Spirituality takes us on a path of true understanding and acceptance of reality in the world with peace and compassion. 

At the core of all spiritual paths; it leads us back to our true nature of love and harmony while we are in this physical form during our time on earth.

Beyond spirituality is emptiness (non-self) as every form becomes formless. Having a clear understanding in the essence-less nature of all things; we can go beyond a personal self and engage fully yet are unattached to the worldly attainment.

Our incarnation is a small fraction of the unseen whole. Most importantly is for us to find out why we are born and what we are here to do in this lifetime. 

Right Step

When having doubts or feeling unsure about making decision or moving ahead in a certain situation, it’s best to rest in stillness until clarity arises in your heart as then you will know what to do. 

Sometimes by taking hasty actions; you unconsciously try to run away and avoid going through the uncomfortable feeling or facing an underlying situation at hand. 

If you take a pre-matured action to move away from the unpleasant encounter too soon, you will have to repeat the experience again on another occasion or in another situation until the issue is learned and shifted in your consciousness.

Embrace what is truly presenting with awareness and it will lead you to the right next step. 

Live Your Vision

What you see is what you manifest.

Your creation originates from your vision; what you truly see and feel in your heart and mind. 

You can only see what you believe and focus on.

So it’s very important to check yourself on these questions:

Who am I?

What's my true purpose?

What are the believes about myself and my life?

By seeing, feeling and believing in your heart, you will start living your vision. 

See it, feel it and live it!

The Movie of Your Life

As if watching a movie of your life on a screen; what do you see? who are the main actors? what’s the story line? what’s the beginning and ending?

The movie of your life - with all its plots, characters and events - is a reflection of your mind. 

Now if you create a movie of your life in pure awareness today, what will you project on the screen for the unfoldment of the story and its ending? 

See and feel it completely - that’s your life from now on…..

Flow Gently through Life

Life is a continuos transition; from one moment to the next, one state of being to another, beginning to ending, form to formless..….

What we experience is a momentary perception of reality; thus observe the temporary reality with an unattached mind.

Accept what’s presenting and letting it be; free from judgement and projection of any kind.

Flow gently through life in peace and emptiness.