My call to seek a living truth took root at a young age. Growing up in a Theravadan Buddhist culture, I felt myself drawn to the teachings of those who went beyond tradition to penetrate the heart of the spiritual mystery before me. 

As a child, I met my first and most profound influences in the works of reformist monks Buddhadasa and Ajahn Chah. These masters of simplicity helped to form the essence of my mission, calling clearly and directly to the ethic of non-attachment. After two decades of extensive holistic practice, they are the point from which I began, and to which I return.

After a successful career working in corporate management, I embarked on a major life transition into holistic healing, Kundalini Yoga and wellness coaching. My path of holistic discovery took me from my private practice in Bangkok to some of Thailand’s leading wellness sanctuaries, allowing me to help and guide people from all over the world along their healing journey.

Today, I have returned to my spiritual roots, simplifying the message and absorbing all the depth of my experience out in the world. Settled in my hill-top home outside Chiang Mai, I lead a simple life close to nature, inspired by the deepest realization of the path of non-attachment. 

It’s from here in the hills that I share my teaching, supporting others to free themselves from the need to conform to ideas, concepts, and beliefs. In going beyond the instruments of ‘spiritual practice’ we find our spiritual home in pure presence – the freedom from attachment found in moment-to-moment awareness.